Monday, February 25, 2013

Living Well

Over the weekend, I attended a good friend's funeral. He was 35. The sudden news left me thinking - a lot. I took to wondering how Life is not only short, but transient. That we only have One (1) life to live, and that is now. The Present.

When was the last time you took the time to ask yourself your purpose in living ? Really. Did you manage to come up with the answer ? What motivates you ? What is your purpose for living ? 

I have been asking myself the same question, ever since I dropped out of University. What am I doing with my life ? Then you ask, what does this has to do with The Asian Muscle ? 

Today's post, is simply about living. About doing the things you are so passionate about and living how you want.dream.envision your life to be. Only you can make that call. Nobody else can. 

If you are like me, and you like, no, love, growing beefy and pumping your muscles hard, and then packing in on the proteins and good food, then you know just how much energy, time and self-discipline it takes to really improve on oneself. You don't do it because you merely wanted to impress that guy or girl in the pub. You don't do it merely to look good in that tank or t-shirt. (Ok, so you do, but that's beside my point). You do it - because YOU want to. 

Can you imagine if you know you only had 1 day left to live, what would you do ? You probably would go and spend that precious time left with that somebody special or with your family. What would you do if you had 1 week left ? 1 month ? or 1 year ? You probably have more time to do what you have always wanted to do, and complete it. 

Procrastination is the Numero Uno hurdle we face in life. Everyday we procrastinate to do something. We keep telling ourselves - Tomorrow. But what if Tomorrow never comes ?

You've been telling yourself that you will hit the gym, lift those weights and run the treadmill. But Lazyness sets in. Then what ? Just go and do it. It may take every fibre in your stem cells, it may seem and (sound) like a whole lot of effort, but once you get around to doing it (like doing those dishes or cleaning that toilet bowl), I assure you - Your effort will pay off. The fact that you're already doing it, is the proof. 

Get off. Or Get lost. Don't short-change yourself. Only you can make that call.

The Asian Muscle

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Beefy Twenty:Thirteen! + Sazali Samad

Ok, so I've been a really really bad beef. I haven't fulfil my promise. I ought to be pressed hard under the weights of them beef. I know, I know. And if you are facing something similar (pssst, it's called iProscrastinate), then it's time to introduce some Changes into your current trying-to-workout routine. It's time to actually make it work out. So moving forward... it's time for me to stay Focus and consistently update The Asian Muscle. Sounds like a New Year resolution, no ? No. Because often, we never keep our New Year's resolution. We make them every year on 1st January, only to break them by midnight the same day.

Twenty:Thirteen (yes, that's how we should say it). The water snake year ought to be a better year for most people. Especially after all the negative vibes the horoscope gurus had said about last year. 

And the best part is ? While last year was known as the "Lean" calendar, with every muscle guys leaning down to showcase their abs aka slim (thus the fatless mid-section) figure, this year I foresee it is all about packing on the BEEF !

Growl and Woof all you like. But you hear it here first. Beefy is back in trend again. There's nothing like a Bulging Beefy Men in all the right places. Of course you can't just get beefy if you're not eating more. Don't believe it ? Then it's time to hit the gym and pound yourself hard on those weights. Eat. Pump. Cardio. Sleep. Oh, and keep those eyes open. You wouldn’t want to drop that weight on your feet.

And in case you are not in the know, Malaysia’s Sazali Samad took home the trophy for the below 70Kg category at last year’s Qatar 11th Open Championship held on 16th November 2012. Asian bodybuilders are fast rising and the Beefy trend will continue to catch on. Already in the gyms, both at the small community gyms and big lifestyle gyms, I’m seeing more Muscled, Beefy, Young Asian Men, pumping hard and showing some positive results. I’m referring to those who really put in the effort, and not opting for the faster way out.

Here’s a clip of Sazali Samad. Go Asian Muscle ! 

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TheAsianMuscle is back !

Firstly, I want to say THANK YOU to those who have written in and sent me emails since 2009. I had created this blog and the email address, but I had honestly forgotten to check them. As Life would have had it, my old white macbook went "kaput" on me. Since then, I've been accessing the internet from my desktop pc, or work, which wasn't entirely convenient for blogging. The, umm, ideas just wouldn't flow out as naturally as, if I were typing them out on a MacBook. 

And last month, as if to reward myself, I finally decide to go out and get myself a Macbook Pro. And just like that, I feel my creative juices coming back again. And just like that, the idea hit me to check this email and blog. 

Special thanks go out to Lai Wee Kiat of for being my first email received from this blog. Sorry bro, as I just saw and read your email this week. He's certainly doing well and has since generated more buzz to his blog site after seriously putting himself on the bodybuilding stage. Stunning muscles and physique. Way to go bro ! If you're reading this :) 

Just learned that google has since acquired, so many updates have been introduced to the blogging platform. Good for blogger me. I wonder if they have the Blogger app done up as nicely for the Apple iOS. 

With this new re-insurgence and MBP (it's really fast and such a work of beauty this baby yeah), I hope to renew my love and passion for bodybuilding once more. A lot has happened in the bodybuilding industry in the past 3 years. While many have opted for the more short-term gains by taking the easiest way out in building their body (you know what I mean), there is nothing, and I do mean, really nothing, that can substitute the pure satisfaction of a good clean diet, strong self-discipline and that reflection you see in the mirror. The results speak for themselves. Plus the results are long-lasting.

The best part of clean bodybuilding ? You know you deserve it. Truly. Nothing can beat that. 

So strap on your gym gloves, and hit those weights hard. TheAsianMuscle will cook you up a storm !

By and For The Asian Muscles & Bodybuilding Community

Friday, September 11, 2009

43rd Asian Men Bodybuilding Championship - Sazali Samad

Nearer to home, it seems that the bodybuilding and asian muscle scene is really picking up speed in Malaysia. It's no wonder then that a website has emerged to promote some of Malaysia's local talents in the form of And if that isn't enough, a simpler more direct blog by the same name MalaysiaMuscle has also emerged, with more contents and photos, linking back to the gallery sections of

The recent 43rd Asian Men Bodybuilding Championship saw this man with massive girth taking home the trophy. Malays have always been known by many to posses the natural mass and size, does giving them the edge over their non-Malays peers, when it comes to the sport of bodybuilding.

However I'm not sure if it's just a lack of interest by the non-Malays in Malaysia when it comes to bodybuilding, that has me browsing through photos after photos of many more Malays from all over the states in Malaysia. Pleased to say, these motivated and determined Malaysians do not disappoint when it comes to really working hard in the pump room for all their muscles worth.

Here's a photo of the Champion - Sazali Samad.

Photo credits:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lee Seung Cheol

Holy Muscle!

Just how much more gorgeous and beautiful can Korean muscle men really get?

Check out this next video taken recently in 2009, and you will just about cream in your pants! Yes, ladies and men alike!

[TAM: apologies for not having the video here, as the original owner on youtube had the embedding disabled. will post the video here once I get around that limitation.]

Below is a video of him taken sometime back. Compare how much he has grown!

Choi Seong Kyu

Once again, Korean muscles take centre stage.

There's no stopping these breed of Asian men when determination and focus is at play. And you think the Japanese worked really hard at their physiques. Well, it seems in the past year or so, the Koreans have taken the lead.

They're not only massive in size and muscle bulges, but they're determined to prove to the world that Asians also have it in them when it comes to girth and proportions.

Who says Asian men ain't got the size, can look again.

And if you think these Korean muscle beauties are all about training and hard rock grit, then think again.

This next clip shows that it's in their blood to have fun, as they would, if they weren't this bulgingly muscular. But the fact that they can still joke and humour the crowd in front of a Live audience, with their muscular girth and mass, it only goes to show that while size is everything... muscles doesn't equate to slow or heavyness.

All you bodybuilding newbies and would-be bodybuilders, take a leaf out of our Korean muscles brothers, and s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Versatility and the ability to be flexible will ensure your poses go a long way.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chan Wai Teik

Chan Wai Teik. The name itself, is synonymous with not only muscles, but also beautifully captured photographs. If you don't already know, Wai Teik, came up with his own coffee table book featuring gorgeous full displays of muscle men in mysterious poses. They exude charm, sophistication and that air of mystery that pretty much describes the man himself.

Winning the Nationals 2009 is probably one of the best moment to go down in Singapore's bodybuilding history. After last year's much hyped scandal of the 80% of finalists who tested positive for steroids, it's good to finally see real muscle men in action. One who does not depend on roids to boost their male-induced egos.

And it helps that Wai Teik in person is as humble and friendly as he is charming and handsome.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jang Byung Ho

Still on Korean muscles, this guy's pictures have been making the rounds on the web. More often than not, his pictures have seen countless hits on the gay as well as bodybuilding websites all over. He isn't just huge and muscular in all the right places, he is also tall and perhaps his frame has enabled him to pack in more muscles than the normal Asian muscle man.

Jang Byung Ho, hailed from Busan, hold the No. 1 heavyweight in Busan. He also hold the No.1 position as Mr. Korea heavyweight, not once, but twice. (1999 and 2000)

But this is only as claimed in his own website at
However on another website, stated that Jang Byung Ho was disqualified after winning the 2000 Asian Amateur Championships - IFBB and his No.1 position taken away from him.

Still, he deserves a worthy mention in the theasianmuscle.

Photos courtesy of Jang Byung Ho @ Collage compiled by this site.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Yang Yong-Eun

South Korean Yang Yong-Eun became Asia's first male major winner after overhauling Tiger Woods in stunning fashion, to clinch the US PGA Championship by three shots on Sunday, 16 August 2009.

Trailing world number one and overwhelming the crowd's favourite Woods by two strokes overnight, 37-year-old Yang, ranked 110th in the world, kept his composure in difficult, swirling winds at Hazeltine National to fire a two-under-par 70.

For the uninitiated, what it basically means is Yang is the first Asian, ever, to beat all time champs Tiger Woods.

And why are we talking about him, since this site isn't even about golf?

When interviewed, Yang further mentioned that his ambition is really to be a bodybuilder. However, that dream did not manifest, after he got into a serious injury which only meant staying away from the weights. However by a stroke of his clubs, he started hitting the range and the rest as they say is history.

If you are to look at Yang, you could tell by his build that he was serious about his bodybuilding dream. Check out those forearms. Definitely a bodybuilder in the making.

Which brings me to highlight that koreans, whose interests are muscles and bodybuilding, tend to grow really massive and huge. Did I mention they are hard and taut too, around the mid-section? Nothing like our big, oversized, tyres-for-a-waist locals here, who have no self-discipline when it comes to their diet. Muscle building is more than just about hitting the weights. Diet also plays an important role in your quest to beef up.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Premiering....... The Asian Muscle!

I’ve been a loyal reader (not to mention a foolish buyer) of muscle magazines for as long as I can remember. And every time I would end up with stacks and piles of magazines; some dog-eared, most unread, all taking up precious space in the corner of my room. It didn’t help that most of these muscle mags contain pictures and photographs of all the top bodybuilders and muscles hunks in the bodybuilding scene. All except for one.

So with the advanced leap in technology and resources-laden information highway, I have since turned to the widely-popular and well-known bodybuilding websites that you could literally roll off your tongues. But sometimes, my search would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Especially so when your keen interest in the niche category turns up a nil return.

Asian Muscles.

It’s frustrating to live in a country so rich in its bodybuilding culture but yet have no readily available resources that one can happily thumbed through. Forget the library. Forget the resource corner. Even your friendly mamak (a slang for an Indian man) news stand does not have a single muscle mag pertaining to the asian muscles. So where does your asian bodybuilders go to practise their art?

For those lucky enough to meet a true professional bodybuilder-turned-coach, you will be taken under the former’s wings (pun intentional) and taught the basic until you are ready to be thrown into the spotlight armed only in your sexy skimpy trunks.

What then of the rest of us, novice amateurs, who share the same keen interest in the beautiful visuals of muscles and the bodybuilding lifestyle as our aspiring peers? Are we left only to gawk and gape from below the stage?

Asian Bodybuilders.

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while.

It’s like a candy gum that I’ve been rolling in my mouth, playing with it, pushing it, using my tongue to smoothen the rough edges, yet not really doing anything to blow that gum.

I wasn’t sure if I would have the drive or the necessary motivation to get the idea going.

But here I am.

Asian Muscles.

Over the years, I’ve made friends and known some more like-minded individuals, who themselves are either competing asian bodybuilders, or are into muscles and the beautiful art of bodybuilding. The main goal of this site is to unite information, and pictures, from all around the ASEAN region. With the hope that the creation of this blog site would benefit others, just like myself, who hoped to know more about the bodybuilding and muscles industry.

It’s time for us Asian Muscle Men, to unite our brains and brawns, and bring forth a revolutionary and as informative a bodybuilding+muscles platform that all our Asian Muscles brothers can benefit from.

Men, Guys and Boys, I present you - theasianmuscle.blogspot.comThe Asian Muscle.

By and For The Asian Muscles & Bodybuilding Community